Year: 2021

WATCH: Alabama escort to get tattooed to celebrate victory

The Escorts of Alabama escort Scott Jackson and his wife, Stephanie, in their SUV in the parking lot of a restaurant in Alabama on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2017.The Escort of Alabama is the largest escort group in the country, with around 1,500 members.Jackson and Stephanie Jackson were the last two escorts to leave the United […]

‘I’ve never been sexually harassed in my life’: Woman who was sexually harassed by a escort business tells the Daily Beast

By Mary Beth Williams, The Associated PressBART trains the workforce for the next century with a “breathtaking vision” of a future that will see all its workers in jobs with “the highest pay and benefits in the world.”The company’s president says it is now building its workforce with the skills and education needed to ensure […]

Lubbock Escorts: Live Escorts in Texas: How much can you earn?

The online escort service Live Escort was founded in 2011 by an ex-girlfriend of a client and a former colleague of a former client.Now, it’s a $1 billion company that offers escorts from around the world.The company has over 30,000 escorts around the globe.While it’s no stranger to the escorts business, Live Escorting’s escorts are […]

Craigslist Escorts in Tennessee: What’s the Deal?

The Craigslist Escort has taken over Jacksonville, Tennessee.This is a place that you’d think would have its own thriving escort community, but there is none at all.The first and only Craigslist escort to be featured on the national dating website, the site says that it has “few escorts,” and no escorts that are on-site.What is […]

A video showing an escort long Island cruise ship sailing past a beach in Puerto Rico’s southern city of San Juan, May 30, 2017

The video, posted on YouTube on May 31, 2017, shows a cruise ship heading into Puerto Rico and then sailing past the beach where a man was found dead, the Associated Press reports.The cruise ship was headed to the island for a Caribbean cruise.The man was identified as 43-year-old José Echeverria, who was reported missing […]

How to buy long island escort in San Francisco: long island escorts from Ventura, NJ

New York City’s long island is home to a vast number of luxury hotels, luxury motels, and luxury motel bars, but not all of them are considered to be “vacations”.In this article, we’ll be covering the best of the long island, including some of the best short stays in New York.Long Island is home of […]

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