What is the escort radar?

Radar that monitors the whereabouts of ships in the maritime domain is one of the most vital pieces of maritime technology and is the most effective in detecting, locating and tracking ships in international waters.

The US Navy has developed the “Assault Radar” for the U.S. Navy.

This is the radar that was used by the U-2 in the 1970s to track the Soviet Union’s stealth fighter aircraft.

It is also used by navies in South America and Africa, including Argentina. 

What is the cruise missile? 

A cruise missile is a missile that has been propelled by a jet engine.

It can carry a nuclear warhead or a conventional one, depending on its type and payload.

Cruise missiles are capable of hitting the targets at a range of hundreds of kilometers, or thousands of miles, from the launch site. 

Why is cruise missile technology so effective? 

Cruise missiles have two major advantages over conventional warheads: They can be used from aircraft, and cruise missiles can penetrate hardened defenses. 

Cruising missiles have a range much greater than that of conventional warheads, but they cannot penetrate the hull of ships.

They are also more difficult to detect, even though they are launched from aircraft. 

How is cruise missiles used? 

As of now, cruise missiles are the most reliable and effective way to attack targets in international waterways, including in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Is cruise missile capability still a problem? 

It’s hard to know what is a real threat.

There is no military solution to cruise missiles, but some countries do believe they are useful.

The U.K. and China have been testing cruise missiles since 2014. 

In 2016, a U.N. commission of inquiry recommended a moratorium on U.n. cruise missile testing.

In May 2018, the U!


and South Korea agreed to a joint naval exercise to prevent the use of cruise missiles in South Korea’s waters. 

When and where will cruise missiles be used?

 Cruise missile launches will continue to occur as long as the U .

S. is involved in military operations in the Mediterranean.

Cruise missile launches are unlikely to be limited to specific regions, but could happen any time of year. 

Do cruise missiles affect the sea traffic of ships? 

They can destroy the lifeboats of cruise ships.

But cruise missiles may also pose a risk to life on the water. 

Where are cruise missiles launched from? 

The U.k. has an air defense network of about 150 ships that can intercept cruise missiles that are launched at sea from land or from aircraft in the North Sea.

These ships are not used to protect ships from cruise missiles. 

Can cruise missiles hurt ships in a collision? 


Cruise attacks are usually avoided when they are in the air, and the ships that are attacked by cruise missiles usually do not collide. 

Are cruise missiles dangerous? 

In some cases, they have been used in attacks against ships in contested waters, such as in the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and in the Indian and Arabian Sea.

In other cases, cruise missile attacks have been carried out by rogue state forces. 

Does cruise missile deployment have a military effect? 

Not necessarily.

The cruise missile system has been used to carry out military operations for years in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Somalia and Sudan. 

Who decides where cruise missiles will be deployed? 

There are two sets of decisions about where cruise missile strikes will be carried out: military operations and civil and humanitarian operations. 

Will the U !


use cruise missiles to attack ships?


Should the U use cruise missile strike capabilities to protect the U s interests? 

Yes, but only in cases of exceptional or imminent threat. 

Which countries have used cruise missiles? 

Currently, the United States has deployed cruise missiles and other cruise weapons in the Arabian Sea, the Gulf, the Mediterranean and the Indian Oceans. 

Has the U?


deployed cruise missile weapons to defend against cruise missile attack? 

 Yes in the past. 

Did the U ever use cruise weapons to attack warships in the Pacific? 

Only in a limited way. 

Was the U ?s use of these weapons ever a problem for other countries? 

Although the U has never used cruise missile forces to attack other countries, the use has been a major concern for other nations. 

During the Cold War, the Soviet Navy used cruise cruise missiles on ships, including the U and its allies. 

The Russians were so concerned about the potential for cruise missiles attacking their warships that they developed a system that would detect cruise missiles at the launch sites and prevent their use. 

So how effective is the U -2? 

Since the U 2 is the world’s most advanced cruise missile, it is the only one capable of striking targets anywhere on the world.

The ability to track a target’s movements on the ground is also a crucial component of the U

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