I’m in Tacoma, WA for my birthday celebration

I am currently in Tacoma for my 21st birthday celebration.

I arrived on my day off, had a nice cup of coffee, and headed to a bar for a drink.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a bunch of people.

They were all young, mostly male, and they were wearing red T-shirts and sunglasses.

The red T, the one with the “C” in it, was the one that I had come to Seattle to see, but the other red ones were the ones that were in my hometown of San Francisco, so they were my best friends.

As I was drinking my drink, I noticed the young man sitting at the bar next to me.

It was a dude named Matt, and I immediately recognized him from the photos.

I was so excited that I started yelling out, “Hi, Matt!”

Matt greeted me by name, and then introduced himself to me, and the two of us started talking about our lives, our families, and our hopes and dreams.

He told me that his wife, Rachel, had just moved to Tacoma from California, and that he had been dating her for almost a year now.

She was just moving into their new apartment, and he was still working in a local grocery store.

He also told me about the struggles of finding work in the food industry, and how he worked in the office to make ends meet.

Matt told me a little bit about his struggles, and about his experiences living on the streets of San Jose, California, in the early 1990s.

Matt’s story is one of the most interesting parts of my trip, and it was really cool to see how these people in San Francisco are able to find a place to call home, and to have a life, in their new home.

Matt was kind enough to talk with me for a little while about his journey to find his dream life in Tacoma.

His wife, he said, is moving to Tacoma on her own, and Matt is looking for a job to help support his wife.

He explained that he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and now is in the final stages of chemotherapy.

The chemo is starting, and if everything goes well, Matt says, he hopes to be able to get through the next couple of months without seeing any side effects.

I asked Matt if he thought it would be hard for him to find work, to pay for his medical expenses, or to even make ends met while he was on chemotherapy.

Matt said that he doesn’t think he will have a hard time finding a job, and said that while he might be unemployed for a while, he is looking forward to working.

Matt explained that it will take time for him and his wife to adjust to their new surroundings.

He said that they are both excited about being in Tacoma and are looking forward it to meeting new people and getting to know them a bit better.

I also asked Matt what he thought about the amount of people he met while in Seattle, and what his expectations were for Tacoma.

Matt didn’t really have any specific expectations for Tacoma, but he did say that he wants to go there, but that he is a little concerned about how the locals are treating each other and about the crime that has been going on recently in the area.

Matt added that he hopes that the police officers will get some sort of treatment for the crime problem, and are also trying to work with local businesses to create a better environment for business.

Matt also said that the people who are most welcoming are the young people.

I don’t know how that is going to play out, but I will be there for sure!

Matt also told the story of how he met his wife and how they are moving into her new apartment.

He mentioned that they were both originally from California and that their relationship began in San Jose in the late 1990s, but their relationship eventually fell apart, and Rachel moved to San Francisco.

They had a very happy marriage, and were married for a couple of years.

Rachel was looking for something new to do with her life, so she moved back to California, but Matt was staying in San Diego, and eventually settled down in Tacoma with Rachel.

Matt talked about his own struggles with finding work as an Uber driver, and mentioned that he recently lost his job as an agent for a local law firm.

Matt described his current situation as he was getting ready to leave for Seattle, when he received an email from Rachel asking if he would be willing to work as a waiter in Seattle.

Matt and Rachel both wanted to make a living as baristas, and she wanted to work in a coffee shop.

Matt asked if he could work at her new establishment, and explained that she would probably have to do the dishes, and make sure that the customers enjoyed their drinks.

He agreed, and agreed to help Rachel with some of the more complicated aspects of running the restaurant

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