Which escort agency will be the next one to get hit with a $500K lawsuit?

Posted by CBC News on Monday, March 07, 2018 03:09:29The Seattle Escort Association, which represents Seattle’s more than 5,000 escorts and escorts’ management teams, is suing the company that manages its escort business for allegedly stealing their business.

The lawsuit alleges the alleged theft occurred when the Seattle Escorts Association began offering a “safe harbor” program to escorts in March 2018.

The suit also claims that after a year of negotiations, the Seattle escorts association signed a contract in August 2019 that “does not contain any protections for escorts who have been charged with criminal offenses or violations of their contracts.”

The lawsuit says the contract was a “direct breach of contract,” and alleges that the Seattle escort association violated the Seattle Municipal Code by failing to protect escorts from potential charges of “breach of the safe harbor.”

The Seattle escort association has hired an outside law firm to defend itself against the lawsuit.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes said that “the Seattle Escorting Association will not rest until it has paid the alleged damages.”

In a statement to the Seattle Times, the escort association said, “The Seattle City of Seattle has a very clear legal duty to protect its escorts by not permitting a ‘safe harbor’ for illegal conduct and the Seattle City has done so.”

The Escort and Mistress Association of Greater Washington is also suing the Seattle association for $100,000 for breach of contracts and negligent representation.

In a release, the organization said it is “seeking relief from the Seattle city government and the escort and mistress association to address the alleged breach of their respective contractual rights.”

A statement from Seattle City Manager Peter Holmes said in a statement, “As the city of Seattle, we take the safety and security of our clients and employees very seriously.

We are also committed to enforcing our code of conduct and have committed to developing a comprehensive, proactive enforcement program.”

The statement also said that the City Attorney’s Office will be reviewing the Seattle group’s lawsuit.

“The City of Boston has a policy that allows escorts to file suit for breach-of-contract claims where the alleged conduct is within the jurisdiction of their association,” the statement said.

“Seattle’s policy is to protect the safety of our employees, but this does not extend to those who are employed by the Seattle area escorts.

This will not impact any pending cases, and it is unclear how this lawsuit would impact any other pending lawsuits.”

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