Couple’s ‘sad day’ ended in tragedy as ‘horror movie’ turns into ‘death trap’


— Two men accused of shooting and killing their roommate’s father in a Florida motel room, then taking their own lives in a death trap, were found dead in their own home Monday, authorities said.

A grand jury decided not to charge the two men, who are in their early 20s, with first-degree murder in the July 12 death of Anthony Conell, 40, who lived with the couple in Tallahassee.

The victims were found about 3:30 p.m. by their father, Joseph Coneill Jr., who called 911 to say his son was in the bathroom with a gunshot wound.

The shooting left the father, who had just given birth to their son, dead, and the couple’s two sons, who were staying at the motel, in serious condition, Tallahasee County Coroner Ed Soares said.

Anthony Coneell Jr. died of multiple gunshot wounds, authorities say.

The two men who lived at the apartment where the shooting occurred are in the process of being charged with first degree murder, but they’re not being charged because the investigation is ongoing, Soares added.

Investigators determined the shooting was self-inflicted.

The two men had been in the apartment with the mother and her husband for about three hours before the shooting, authorities have said.

“The apartment is quite dark, there’s a lot of smoke,” Soares told reporters outside the apartment.

“There’s a window open in the bedroom.”

Authorities did not say if there was any physical evidence of a fight in the home, but the couple were reportedly “extremely agitated,” Soames said.

The father told investigators that his son and his wife, who he described as “crazy,” “tried to kill him,” authorities have told ABC News.

The father told authorities he heard shots fired about 3 a.m., authorities said, but did not know what type of weapon was used.

A neighbor who heard a noise near the home called 911 and was able to get a good view of the men, according to police.

He said the men “had a gun” and were “just trying to kill me,” according to authorities.

The mother said the father tried to fight her husband with a crowbar, and that the men then took their own life, police have said, adding that the father and his son were in the room together at the time.

Authorities said they’re still trying to determine what led to the shooting.

They say it was not a random act of violence.

“It’s tragic, and it’s a sad day for everyone involved,” Tallahashassee Police Chief Brandon Brown told reporters.

“It’s sad for the family, it’s sad, and everybody in this community is very sorry.”ABC News’ Jennifer Wright contributed to this report.

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