India offers local escort site for India’s poor, says the PM

AUSTRALIA’S poor Indians are getting online escorts from a local escort website in a bid to help them escape poverty.

Key points:India is offering a free “indian escort” service for Indians struggling to get by in a country where poverty and unemployment are commonThe government is offering “local escort” services for people on low incomesThe Indian government is also encouraging Indians to sign up for a free online escort service to help ease their financial strugglesThe service will be offered to those who can’t afford to pay for a local “sugar daddy”.

India’s poor Indians often struggle to get through life without any financial help from their families, and many resort to begging, drug use and prostitution. 

In recent years, there have been more than 100 cases of Indians being jailed for crimes related to prostitution and other illegal activities in India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced that the country’s poorest citizens would soon be eligible for a “salt and vinegar” service, and that the government would be offering a “local escort” service to India’s poorer. 

“If you are struggling with financial hardship, then you can get help from us,” Modi said on Thursday during a visit to a sugar cane plantation in Jammu and Kashmir.

“It is not just Indians, it is Indians from all parts of India.

We have a scheme where we offer a local escorts service.

We are offering a service to people who can not afford to go for a regular ‘sugar daddies’.”

Modi said that the scheme would not only help Indians who cannot afford a traditional “sugarcane daddie” or “soda delivery man” service but also provide them with a “daddy” who would provide them a “home and a place to live”.

“So, if you are poor, then this will be an easy way to get financial help,” he said. 

The scheme will be administered by the India Tourism Organisation (ITO), a private entity with a budget of nearly $5 billion. 

Modi also promised to “work to eradicate poverty” in India, which has one of the highest rates of extreme poverty in the world. 

But he said that India’s poverty would not be eliminated until India’s economic growth rates increased and it was ready to offer more services.

“India is the most prosperous country in the country.

The country has a population of 3.5 billion, which means we have a massive population that is willing to pay more money for the better services,” he told a news conference. 

Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi (L) talks with the Prime Minister of Tajikistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto at a meeting with the Presidents of Tajakistan and Uzbekistan at the United Nations in New York, US, September 26, 2019.

India has one the world’s highest levels of poverty, with an estimated 1.6 billion people living in extreme poverty. 

Despite this, the government is currently working on plans to boost economic growth by 50 percent in the next five years. 

India’s economy has been in a slump for more than a decade, and Modi’s government is trying to revive it. 

Last year, the country announced that it was raising its GDP target for 2018 to 5.2 percent, the highest in the developed world.

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