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TORONTO, ON – JANUARY 07: A woman in a blue dress walks through a sex shop in the centre of Toronto, Ontario, Canada on January 7, 2018.

Toronto’s city council recently passed an ordinance to allow escorts to provide services in sex shops.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) A young woman in Toronto, Canada looks at her phone while she walks through sex shop.

TORONTO (Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images) Toronto’s city councillor recently passed a law allowing escorts and escort services to provide sex services in the city’s sex shops, but critics have blasted the measure as an invasion of privacy.

Toronto is now the only Canadian city to have passed an anti-surfing ordinance, but the Toronto Star reported that the city was one of the first cities in North America to pass a similar law.

“The problem is that the Toronto council has decided to enact a law that will make it legal for a woman in her 20s to have sex with men who have been invited by an escort,” wrote The Toronto Star.

Critics of the city council ordinance say it goes against the privacy of women who have sex and is a slap in the face to the escort industry.

The city council has defended its decision saying it was based on the “public health, safety and welfare of the people in the surrounding area.”

The Toronto city council passed the ordinance, which would give sex workers and escorts the right to request escorts through the city, at its meeting.

Sex workers and their supporters, however, said that they are concerned about the city passing a law with no teeth and are calling on the city to pass stronger protections.

A spokesperson for the Toronto City Council told the Toronto Sun that they will look at what happens with the ordinance when it is voted on at their meeting on February 12.

As it stands, the ordinance allows escorts “to provide service in designated locations, including sex shops and strip clubs.”

The spokesperson said the ordinance also applies to escorts who “are working for their own businesses.”

Toronto City Councilwoman Maria Augimeri said that the ordinance is a violation of privacy, and that she wants to see “stronger protections for sex workers.”

“I think that the council has a responsibility to protect the privacy rights of people and women, and the privacy right to have a safe and comfortable space to be in,” she said.

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