How to get a gay escort in your neighborhood

If you’re looking for a gay or lesbian escort in a community near you, check out these tips.


Find a gay bar or nightclub near you.

You can use your credit card to pay for the escort services.


Find out what gay bars and clubs are accepting.


Go to the bars and find out what services are available to you.


If you want to try something new, you can go to the club, buy something for yourself, or get a drink and take a walk.


If a gay club or bar accepts you, ask for a ride.

They may even ask for you to take a photo.


If the escort does not want you to pay, he or she will offer you a ride home.


Be sure to ask about your location and ask the escort for an advance.


You may need to bring cash, your driver’s license, and your passport.


Don’t get yourself into a fight.

Some gay escorts offer to take you home if you can’t pay.

You should try to avoid fights or fight with someone you don’t know.


Ask for help.

Some escort agencies will take you to your hotel if you need a place to stay, but that’s only if you ask.


Ask if there is an escort who has never worked before.

If not, ask if they have a background check and are licensed.

You’ll likely have to pay more than $50 to have an escort check your background.


You will need to make sure the escort has no convictions.

Most escort agencies don’t check to see if a client is past the age of 18.


Ask the escort to bring your credit cards.


If there are any fees involved, ask how much.


Ask about your date of birth and if you have to provide a copy of the driver’s licence.


When you arrive, take a seat.

If an escort doesn’t want you or the other person to use the bathroom, they can ask for someone else to do it. 17.

Be polite and friendly to the escort.

If they are being a little rude, be polite.

If your escort is nice, you may be able to get them to come back later for a second date.


Be respectful to the escorts and the people around them.

If someone is taking pictures, they will probably get a laugh from you and other escorts.


You have to make eye contact with them before you take off your clothes.

They’ll probably want to do this if you’re wearing underwear.


Make sure you are not making eye contact when they are taking photos.

They’re not supposed to do that.


Don�t ask them to take photos.

Some escorts won�t take photos for people with disabilities.


Be discreet and polite.

Don´t make eye contacts with people you don�t know.


Be kind and considerate to the people in your party.

If something happens, don�’t be mean or rude.


Don`t try to kiss the escort when they leave.

If he doesn�t want to kiss you, the escort may leave.


Be prepared to take pictures with the escort and take the photos in public.

The escort may decide to share the photos with you.


Don\’t be afraid to ask questions about the escort if you find one in trouble.


If somebody asks you to leave the escort, just say no.

If it looks like the escort might get into trouble, you could try to leave too.


Don”t ask for money.

If some escort services don’t take cash, you will need your money.


If things get physical, call the police.

If police are called, be very polite and calm.


If everything seems to be going well, get back to the bar.

If possible, stay there until the police arrive.


If, after the police have left, someone gets a hold of you, you should try not to go back to that bar.

It could mean a lot of problems down the road.


If people are saying that they were a guest, ask to see the escort or ask if the escort can be seen.


Donât be shy about being kind.

There are some gay escort agencies that don’t discriminate against gay people.

There may be other agencies that are accepting, but these are the most common ones.

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