How to Choose an Escort: 10 Reasons to Choose Boise escort

Boise, Idaho, May 25, 2017–Boomerang Entertainment is a Boise escort agency that has made headlines for a long time.

Its founder and owner, Mike DeCesare, made headlines in 2015 for making the claim that he had a medical condition that made it impossible for him to perform sexual acts with women.

Now, he is being sued by two women who say they were paid more than $200,000 for sex acts.

The women allege that they were coerced into sex by DeCersare, and that he was also involved in sexual activity with them when they were underage.

The women say they have also been sexually harassed and abused by the company.

In a court filing today, the plaintiffs named DeCescare, as well as Boingo Entertainment, and his co-owner, Gary Jones, as defendants.

They allege that Boingo is the primary provider of escort services in Boise.

According to the lawsuit, DeCascare is a member of the Idaho State Patrol, and Jones is a police officer in his hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Both men are currently on administrative leave from the Idaho Department of Public Safety.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Boise, which is located within a 50-mile radius of Boise, by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The plaintiffs named Boise escort services as a primary source of their income.

The suit says the Boise escort service, Boingo, was responsible for all of the women’s medical expenses.

Boingo’s name is on the list of the primary providers of escort service in the state, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit says DeCasca and Jones were the only men who were involved in the womens sexual activities.

The suit also alleges that DeCasse was responsible “for the exploitation of women, in particular the women who were victims of prostitution, in exchange for sexual services.”

The two women named in the lawsuit allege that De Cascare was the only man they knew who was in a relationship with a prostitute.

They say they met DeCaspes girlfriend in 2013.

They also allege that when they met with DeCesaras girlfriend, they were pressured into having sex with De Cesca.

The woman named in this lawsuit says that they then “made a plan to get him to pay us for sex and then we had sex with him.”

According to, De Casca is a “trained personal trainer” and is a certified certified personal trainer, as are Jones and DeCassas girlfriend. also says he is a personal trainer.

Jones was trained by De Casse in the “business of personal training” in 2014, according to

The three women allege in their lawsuit that in addition to their pay, they also received other services such as money, gifts, and luxury items from De Cresas company.

The company also promised that if they stayed with Boingo and worked for Boingo as escorts they would receive “the ultimate in escort services,” according to the complaint.

According the suit, the women say that De cescare and Jones, along with other employees of the company, sexually harassed, assaulted, and threatened them.

They claim they were told that if any of them talked to a reporter about the alleged harassment, De cascare and/or Jones would be fired.

The case was first reported by the Idaho Statesman.

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