Which of these Cleveland escorts are you most likely to find?

The best and most reliable way to find an escort is to browse the dating site Plenty of Fish.

But how to do that?

In this week’s episode, we take a look at the types of escort that you can find, and how to make sure you don’t fall in love with a guy with whom you’re not really in love. 


A good-looking woman in a dark suit and a white tie. 


A nice, down-to-earth, laid-back guy who wears nice, dark suits and ties. 


A man in a white shirt and tie.

The woman in the dark suit will look more like a nurse in a nursing home than an escort. 


A gentleman who looks like a banker.

He may not look like an escort, but he’s probably got a few things going for him. 


A woman who looks just like a barista.

This will probably sound like a joke, but a baristas job is to make a cup of coffee.

A few cups of coffee can go a long way in making a good date. 


A guy who is in his mid-30s. 


A young, attractive, college-educated man in his 20s.

He might be in the industry for a while, and might be a little bit old-school, but his look will appeal to an older woman. 


A couple in a suit and tie who are both wearing a white coat and tie with a red bow tie.

If you’re dating a woman in her 30s, she may be dating a guy who’s a bit older than her. 


A lady who looks a bit like a firefighter. 


A really nice-looking guy who has some type of a suit on. 11.

A person who looks good in a baseball cap. 


A dude who looks similar to a firefighter, but looks older. 


A supermodel.

This might sound like something a guy would do, but she will probably look for someone who has done something similar. 


A model or model-in-training. 


A bartender who looks older than she looks. 


A girl who looks very pretty in a dress. 


A professional golfer. 


A soccer mom. 


A high-end jewelry designer. 

20. A lawyer.

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