Escorts in Jackson, New York are doing the work they love

WASHINGTON — There’s an escort in town.The one in Miami.The escort in San Diego.The ones in New York City.These are the women who are making the money they love — making the work and the money.Some earn millions and make more than $100,000 a year.Others, like Vanessa Johnson, make less than $50,000.But the work of […]

Houston escorts take on escort brookland’s Alyssa Stirling

Houston escort Brookelyn Stirling has been getting the attention of escort bros across the country.Now the young woman is facing an investigation after she was allegedly arrested on felony charges in the state of Texas.According to an arrest affidavit, Stirling allegedly “was involved in a vehicle crash on March 31, 2017 at a gas station […]

Why I’m Getting Paid $25,000 a Day to Go with Trump and His Crowds in the Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, Michigan, Airport

I’ve had a long history of traveling with Donald Trump, who lives on the same beachfront property in Palm Beach, Florida, as me.But now, for the first time in my life, I’m getting paid $25 per day to travel with him, a person who has a personal connection to me that has been almost entirely […]

Which escort agency will be the next one to get hit with a $500K lawsuit?

Posted by CBC News on Monday, March 07, 2018 03:09:29The Seattle Escort Association, which represents Seattle’s more than 5,000 escorts and escorts’ management teams, is suing the company that manages its escort business for allegedly stealing their business.The lawsuit alleges the alleged theft occurred when the Seattle Escorts Association began offering a “safe harbor” program […]

A group of young men from the US have taken a stand against ‘rape culture’ in their home country

A group from the United States have come up with a new slogan: #RapeCultureIsNoSelfHelp.It is an attack on the culture of “rape culture” that has been around for decades and a common trope in Hollywood movies and TV shows, but for some, it has brought up painful feelings. This is because the phrase has been used […]

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