Couple’s ‘sad day’ ended in tragedy as ‘horror movie’ turns into ‘death trap’

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— Two men accused of shooting and killing their roommate’s father in a Florida motel room, then taking their own lives in a death trap, were found dead in their own home Monday, authorities said.A grand jury decided not to charge the two men, who are in their early 20s, with first-degree murder in […]

How to use escorts for your homecoming dance?

by Tara Wilson and Amanda Stauffer, Mashable (Australia), September 30, 2018, 12:45:01How to use a maid as a escort on a bachelor party.This is a great one for a party, especially for those with a little more money.We all have our own unique experiences, and it’s always good to have some options to share with […]

India offers local escort site for India’s poor, says the PM

AUSTRALIA’S poor Indians are getting online escorts from a local escort website in a bid to help them escape poverty.Key points:India is offering a free “indian escort” service for Indians struggling to get by in a country where poverty and unemployment are commonThe government is offering “local escort” services for people on low incomesThe Indian […]

‘Maui Escorts’ stars have been arrested for a string of crimes

The Escorts are back!Amber Heard, Dakota Johnson, Jasmine Thompson, Amber Rose and Ashley Graham have been charged with charges including burglary, larceny over $250, possession of stolen property and burglary.The arrest comes just a day after a TMZ report claimed that Amber Heard was a fugitive from justice, and the star has not been seen […]

Backpage Escorts Offshore Escorts, Backpage Phoenix Escorts are Coming, BackPage Phoenix Escort, Backyard Escorts Coming, Homepage,Escorts

Backpage escorts are being added to the popular backpage escort site, where users can post their own ads and earn money from the ads they post.The site has been accused of allowing users to earn money by posting ads that are not actually ads and selling them on other websites.The Escorts feature is a […]

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